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Synopsis: A young and inexperienced CIA agent is given the task of looking after a “resident” at a secure safe house. Unfortunately for him, this resident is very high profile and when the safe house is attacked, it is up to this rookie agent to look after his guest and keep him alive in order to take him in.

Main Cast: Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Brendan Gleeson, Vera Farmiga, Robert Patrick

The Hype: There wasn’t a big trumpet fanfare about this movie at the cinemas and although it did do quite well at the box office, it has been moved on DVD quite quickly.

What I Thought: It’s not the best effort from Denzel Washington in recent years. The trailer looked good, but the full movie was a bit of a let down. It trudged along at one pace and never really got out of the blocks for me. It was also pretty predictable and I wasn’t surprised when the twist happened. The movie was just a smidge under 2 hours and I felt that this was a little long for what the movie was and just like the movie Source Code, which you can find reviewed here, Safe House is another movie that you would be forgiven for missing. Don’t rush out and buy it is my tip.

Conclusions: One paced, predictable and a run of the mill action thriller that despite its relative success will soon be forgotten.

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