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Synopsis: Legendary writer Edgar Allan Poe (John Cusack) is drafted in by the Baltimore Police to track down a sadistic serial killer who is basing his gruesome murders on Poe’s work. It’s also a race against time because the killer has kidnapped Poe’s beloved fiancée Emily (Alice Eve).

Main Cast: John Cusack, Luke Evans, Alice Eve, Brendan Gleeson, Kevin McNally.

The Hype: Not that much really, the media didn’t go mad over this film when it was released and it has quickly been rolled out onto DVD. The initial trailer was out long before the movie’s release, which is when I first saw it, but the box office didn’t go for it.

What I Thought: Not that bad really. I like a good murder mystery film and this one did keep me guessing until the end and I called it wrong. I get on board with films that can defeat me like that. It’s a mix of Sherlock Holmes and Sleepy Hollow in its look and you could just as easily see Johnny Depp in the lead role instead of Cusack. The production value is good for a modest budget and the effects are good enough for the purposes of this movie. Although a relative flop at the cinema, it will probably do quite well in DVD sales. I do like the fact that the writers have used some factual events surrounding Poe’s actual death and incorporated them into the film’s plot which is a simple whodunnit. It’s worth a look.

Conclusions: If you get the chance and you like a murder story, then give this a watch. It’s certainly not as bad as the “critics” make it out to be.

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