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Synopsis: A wrongly convicted man gets the chance of freedom if he rescues the President’s daughter from a maximum security space prison that has been taken over by violent inmates.

Main Cast: Guy Pearce, Maggie Grace, Vincent Regan, Joseph Gilgun, Lennie James, Peter Stormare

The Hype: Its a Luc Besson film, that has to be in its favour. A good solid cast and, it’s a Luc Besson film đŸ˜‰

What I Thought: It’s alright. Nothing to write home about to be honest. It reminded me a lot of Fortress (Christopher Lambert) although this time it’s in space. The special effects were decent and Pearce’s character Snow has some great lines, but other than that, you could pass this one by and not be missing anything. The fact that it’s a Besson movie didn’t really help it that much and it has been a long time since he made a film as good as Leon.

Conclusions: Gun toting, space prison, rescue attempt and lots of violent criminals culminate to make this movie ninety minutes of, well nothing much really. Don’t rush out and see it, you might miss something far better.

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