Synopsis: An all action thriller that centres on a soldier who suddenly finds himself in the body of a passenger on a commuter train in Chicago that is about to be blown up by an unknown bomber.

Main Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright, Michael Arden

The Hype: Well, it’s not a new movie and I only just got around to watching it, but at the time it was quite looked forward to and was part of a number of time travel type films out at the time. Movies like this tend to come in batches and this was one of the bigger budget films.

What I Thought: As I said above, it was one of the bigger budget time travel movies and its gives you pretty much what you expect of it. You figure out what the guy has to do early on and his situation is apparent to us, if not to him. I compare it a lot like a mix of Premonition, Next and The Butterfly Effect all rolled into one. The story is a simple one and each visit he pays to the train reveals a little more of the outcome of his efforts. A nice twist at the end makes it a reasonably entertaining movie, although not award winning material. It’s a little something to waste a couple of hours with.

Conclusions: Don’t rush out and buy it, but if you have nothing to do and find yourself with time to rent a movie, you could do a lot worse than Source Code.

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