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Iron Sky is an unusual film. It is listed as a science fiction comedy and I think there are some elements of comedy in there, but it is cheese rather than out-and-out comedy, but it does give the film some degree of nerdiness. The movie is one of these that has been made and financed by film-making enthusiasts and then backed by bigger production companies, in this case by many from around the world including Finland, Australia and Germany.

The plot itself revolves around a group of Nazis who, after being defeated in 1945 flee to the moon and plan the conquering of Earth from its Swastika shaped moonbase. A genius idea in itself. When I saw that in the trailer I just knew I had to see this movie. It was so rediculous it might just work. You know what? the film itself isn’t actually THAT bad! Okay, so the acting could be a little better, but there are no major players in this movie and any pay they did get would have been nominal. The special effects are actually pretty decent and I have definitely seen worse in bigger budget Hollywood movies. There are some very good slow motion shots and the CGI team should be congratulated for their work on this movie.

Black male model James Washington (Christopher Kirby) is sent to the moon on an audacious mission to boost the ratings of the female President of the United States, played here by Stephanie Paul. When Washington is captured by the Nazis on the Moon, he unwittingly becomes involved in a scout mission to prepare the real invasion force from the Moon to take over the Earth. The movie also stars Julia Dietze, Gotz Otto and Udo Kier.

Overall, it’s the production value of this movie that makes it a good watch. There has been a lot of time and care taken over this film in the way that it is presented to the audience so that it doesn’t appear cheap and I think that this movie will become one of those classic cult movies that sci-fi geeks will love for years to come. There are plans for a prequel and a sequel, but seeing as this one took 6 years from birth to completion, we may be waiting some time to see if the Nazis will have another try at defeating our free planet. I am going give this movie a surprisingly good 7/10. Check out the trailer…