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And so onto the second semi final we go. Having managed to correctly predict 9 out of the 10 qualifiers on Tuesday, I wonder what the chances are of me doing it again. I think this semi final is much harder to guess with the exception of a few tracks. So let’s get straight on with my thoughts on who will qualify tonight for Saturday’s final.

SERBIAZeljko JoksimovicNije Ljubav Stvar – One of the faves, should easily qualify singing like this.
SWEDEN LoreenEuphoria – Favourite to win the whole thing, I just don’t see it. Too Katy Perry….
ESTONIAOtt LeplandKuula – I think this is far better as a Eurovision song that Sweden’s.
NORWAYToojiStay – They were a big disappointment last year, this should fare much better.
UKRAINEGaitanaBe My Guest – Big dance number. Ukraine ALWAYS qualify don’t they? 😉
BELARUSLitesoundWe Are The Heroes – This one might just sneak in. Rehearsals sound very good.
BULGARIASofi MarinovaLove Unlimited – A dance track to rival Sweden’s effort perhaps?
SLOVENIAEva BotoVerjamem – A powerful ballad that will qualify with a top performance.
MALTAKurt CallejaThis Is The Night – Performance is everything here, if he doesn’t nail it, forget it.
BOSNIAMaya SarKorake Ti Znam – I ran out of choices so plucked this one. I don’t like it.

A much harder pick tonight I think, I don’t think get as many as 9 correct. There may be a couple of shocks and I think that Turkey will be the biggest one. I just don’t think the song is good enough to get through and the singer aint that great either in all honesty; their poorest entry for some time. I’d like Slovakia to get through, but I don’t think Eurovision will go for heavy metal again any time soon. Good track though.

So there we have it, I will of course give my thoughts following the second semi final before previewing the final itself. I hope you’ll join me. Thanks for reading. =)