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So last night’s first semi final final went off without a hitch and there were some very good acts appearing. I think I may have change my mind and have decided that this semi final had the better songs in it after all. With all the acts managing to put in good performances, there was food for thought as to who was going to actually qualify.

I am very pleased to say that I was almost spot on with my predictions. I got 9/10 correct with my only failing being Latvia who sadly didn’t qualify. Albania was the country that I got wrong. I had a small incling that it was going to get through on sheer performance, but I didn’t put it in my list as I really don’t like the song, lol. So the 10 qualifiers are below…

ICELANDGréta Salóme & JónsiNever Forget – I love this one and a strong showing made them an early qualifier. I hope this gets some good votes in the final and they will be performing 7th on Saturday.

GREECEEleftheria EleftheriouAphrodisiac – A typical Greek entry that was going to be a big shock if it hadn’t got through. Middle table finish on Saturday I think and they perform 16th on Saturday.

ROMANIAMandingaZaleilah – A popular choice across the internet and I have to give kudos to her because it was very evident that she couldn’t hear anything in her earpiece early in the song and took it out for the rest of the track and still gave a great performance, I hope she does well. Bookies have her at 16/1 to win.

DENMARKSoluna SamayShould’ve Known Better – I still don’t like this one much and her costume is rediculous. A poor song for me and I think it will have only sneaked into the final where she will perform 15th.

RUSSIABuranovskiye BabushkiParty For Everybody – Its awful but novelty…the Russian Grannies as they are now known by all in the media. It it only in the final for the novelty and it certainly won’t win.

IRELANDJedwardWaterline – Shock as they came on stage without the up-do, but instead had floppy hair. A decent performance again and just as good as last year saw them qualify for the final at the end. I think they will be around the same finishing place as last year. They perform from 23rd this year.

HUNGARYCompact DiscoSound Of Our HeartsI was disappointed to hear the pundits having a go at this song. Its a great track and it is in the final on merit. The vocals were spot on and having heard a few rehearsals of this one, I think they might score a few points. Not to everyone’s taste though.

Ivi AdamouLa La Love – This girl did a great performance and it has to be considered as a favourite. I liked her costume 😉 A solid performance with good choreography and I see this being in the running for the title this year.

MOLDOVAPasha ParfenyLăutar – How looks that trumpet? Great lyrics and another very good professional performance by the Colin Farrell lookalike. Moldova will get some good votes from neighbours this year but also from other countries. Its a fun song and well sung. Strange outfits for the girls though, but hey, whatever works!
Rona NishliuRuus – An amazing voice, but I hate the song. She sang the hell out of this song and deserves to be in the final. A very strange hairpiece and the dress doesn’t suit her, but again, this will be fighting for the title in the leading pack.

All in all I was impressed with the show. The arena is well done with some great graphics on the rear screen behind the artists and this final will be something to see. With another 10 acts going through from Thursday’s second semi final, the final will be something I am really looking forward to. I’d better get the supplies in! Speaking of the second semi final, I will of course be posting my preview for that and my predictions tomorrow, so please check back to see how I get on and whether you agree or not. I’d love to hear your comments on all things Eurovision. Thanks for reading and I will leave you with Jedward’s qualifying performance of Waterline.