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Well its just over a week until the big day and I’m still getting through the entries. I think I’ll have to pull my finger out here, so let’s get cracking with some Turkish Delight shall we?

Turkey have had some great entries in the past and they are usually certain qualifiers. Can Bonomo and his song “Love Me Back” isn’t such a hot tip for the final in my opinion. I think it’s one of the poorest tracks from them in quite some time. The guy seems to have a big Curiosity Killed The Cat thing going on and I’m afraid it’s poor points from me. See what you think though, the traditional Turkish sound is still there which might get them through to Saturday.

After the disappointment of last year, Estonia can really get some points this year with their entry. Ott Lepland sings “Kuula“. This guy has a real Gary Barlow look and sound about him and I think this is a very dark horse in this year’s contest. It’s a nice song and has some power in it towards the end. The obligatory key change makes it, for me, a definite qualifier and I hope to be watching it on Saturday night if he gets through. Lets just hope he can sing like this live.

Today’s third choice is Slovakia. I hope that my friend in England will be watching or perhaps reading this as she hails from that country and their record at Eurovision is dismal. Max Jason Mai sounds like a good artist. This song “Don’t Close Your Eyes” really sounds like something that 30 Seconds From Mars would put out and I really like the song. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the Eurovision audience will agree with me, although it would be nice to see it qualify for the final just so that there is something else in the way of style to watch other than quiet ballads and techno pop. I hope it gets through.

Lastly today is another of the big hitters, Norway, although their record in Eurovision is also a poor one. This year though they have really pushed the boat out and hired an MTV presenter by the name of Tooji who is Iranian by birth but moved to Norway when he was just 1. His track “Stay” is certain to qualify in my opinion and is one of the songs that has a real chance this year. It’s a well polished, dance number that would probably do well in the charts here. The song also has the hint of Arabic influence in it which will sit well with some viewers of Eurovision. Here is the song.