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Moving on swiftly, today we will be talking about some more entries in the second semi final. Most of the songs today are from Eastern Europe and we will get straight on with Belarus.

Belarus haven’t had much luck in the contest over the years, with only two final appearances. This year they have gone for a more rock-based track with some major similarities to Nickelback. Litesound perform the song “We Are The Heroes” This song isn’t too bad and it might just qualify this year. I quite like it and it’s definitely better than a lot of the entries this year, I hope it does quite well.

Secondly today, Portugal. Once again they have gone for a dull, boring love song called “Vida Minha” which is performed by Filipa Sousa. This is one of my least favourite tracks from this year’s contest. They just have no desire to do well in Eurovision. They always sing in their own language which should be commended, but this one just isn’t going to get into the final in m opinion. A certain non-starter this year.

Ukraine always do well in Eurovision. This year will be no exception and although I don’t like the Gaitana track “Be My Guest“, it will qualify for the final. The song itself is a dance tune that has some very 90s roots and that will probably be its downfall in the final. I think that this entry will do better in the semi final than last year, but will fail to equal the final appearance of last year’s entry Mika Newton who finished 4th.

My last song for today is Bulgaria’s entry. Sofi Marinova performs “Love Unlimited“, a dance track which does have quite a catchy hook, but I think it’s another one that is stuck in the 90s. You never know though, maybe its the new direction Eurovision is taking, it wasn’t so long ago that every song sounded Turkish or Greek. As for a qualifier? Well it might just sneak in there, but the second semi final is the tougher of the two I think.