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Synopsis: A group of African American pilots in World War II who are usually given menial flight missions are called upon by their superiors to undertake some of the most important missions of the war over Germany. Friendships will be tested and the lines between blacks and whites will blur.

Main Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr, Terrence Howard, Ne-Yo, David Oyelowo, Nate Parker, Tristan Wilds, Lee Tergesen.

The Hype: There hasn’t been much going around about this movie certainly in the UK. It’s a Lucasfilm production which usually carries some excitement, but no-one is really talking about it.

What I Thought: This wasn’t a bad movie really, but it was the usual kind of story that the content would suggest. I guess you can liken it to Men of Honour or Glory, but in WWII planes. That story I think has been done to death now. We all know that black people were treated as second class citizens and that some managed by luck or by design to break that mould and become the sparks that changed race issues in the world, but seriously, how many more of these movies can we take? It’s getting boring now… From a production point of view, the film is well made. The special effects are what you would expect from Lucasfilm and the flight sequences and dogfights are particularly well done.

Conclusions: Not bad, but not very original.Let me put it this way – it’s just not Top Gun 😉 The film is certainly not the worst I have seen, but without the presence of a truly great original story it just becomes some clever computer generated dogfights.

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