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Welcome along to the start of the entrants for the second semi final. We have 18 tracks to get through here so I will be blogging 3 or 4 of them each day for the next week before talking about the favourites for the competition.

The second semi final takes place on the 24th May, just two days after the first semi final and the running order has already been decided so lets kick straight on with the first act of the night, Serbia.


Once combined with Montenegro but now competing on its own, Serbia have entered a previous act, Zeljko Joksimovic. The song he is performing is called “Nije Ljubav Stvar” which roughly translates as “Love Is Not An Object“. There is quite a lot of hype around this track and its on the ballad side of the tracks for this years contest. Serbia have chosen to sing in their own language which I always find commendable. See what you think…

Second today is Macedonia. They have also elected to enter a previous act to the contest. Kaliopi last tried her hand at Eurovision way back in 1996. This year’s song “Crno i Belo” doesn’t start out as much, but it certainly has some bite to it after a minute or so. I quite like this one but its hard to say if it will qualify. I have a feeling it won’t due to its rock-based style which doesn’t seen to be en vogue this year, but we shall see.

Next up is Netherlands. Oh dear…I really hope she doesn’t opt for this outfit in the semi final because I can see the politically correct brigade jumping up and down on her Indian (of course I mean Native American) costume. Once upon a time perhaps this might have been acceptable, but I don’t think this will get her through to the grand final. Joan Franka sings “You & Me” and this is not one of the songs that I like this year. It does have that old style of Eurovision sound to it which might get it some popularity. Not a qualifier for me though.

Lastly today, we’ll take a trip to Malta. The song is called “This Is The Night” and is performed by Kurt Calleja and is the first of our non ballad tracks in the second semi final. It has a poppy sound that will probably strike a chord with a certain age group, but I don’t think it appeals to everyone and that will be its downfall. It might well qualify though as it isn’t overdone in terms of pop music. Sometimes I fell they put a bit too much dance style in there and forget that the song has to appeal to most age groups. This is ok for me.

More tomorrow folks. I hope to see some of your comments on these entries soon. Thanks for reading. =)