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Hey, guess what? Wicked Wednesday is back again after a long break, partly because of the A-Z Challenge and also because of the fact that I just haven’t watched any horror films for ages! Last night though I did get around to watching one that became available.

I’m not sure, but horror films recently haven’t been what they used to be. They seem to be going for the shock factor, or using other people’s ideas. Nothing is original anymore, and this film is no exception. Let’s take a look at The Devil Inside.

I saw the trailer for this when it was released and it looked half decent. However, the reviews started coming in and they were not very complimentary. In fact, the film got absolutely panned by critics and filmgoers alike. So what’s it all about then? Well, Isabella Rossi travels to Italy to visit her mother, Maria who murdered three people in 1989 whilst an exorcism was being performed on her. Isabella wants to find out the reasons why and gets help from an ordained exorcist and a priest/doctor who records the scientific data.

The movie is shot in the “home movie” style of cinematography that is all the rage just now (especially with horror films) and I suppose it cuts down on film cost. Here though its pointless and doesn’t add anything to the film or the plot. The cast is unknown and it’s just as well because if any famous people had been in this film then their careers would have gone down the toilet very quickly.

I cannot in all honesty give this any positive comments. The film lasted an hour and 23 minutes and I really wish I’d watched something else. The plot is poor and predictable, the acting is bad and overall its terrible. IMDB users give it a 3.6 rating, I give it 1/10 and I don’t know what the 1 is for to be honest. The Devil Inside is the worst film I have seen all year. Here is the trailer, but believe me when I say that the best bits are in it and even they aren’t that great. Not a film to rush out and see.