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It’s been a while since a decent supernatural film was made. Chronicle reminded me quite a lot of the TV series Heroes without the messing around. The movie was released in early February of this year and got a pretty good reception. It tells the story of 3 friends who discover something in a hole in the ground one night that is certainly not of this world. After the experience they discover that they start to manifest special powers like telekinesis, flight and super strength, all with the power of the mind. As they master these powers, they get stronger and before long one of the three decides that he wants to do more with the power he has.

With a minimal cast or relative unknowns, the filmmakers have managed to keep costs down and spend a little more time on the special effects of the movie, which I have to say are really well done, particularly the action sequences. The final battle is quite something in a movie where nothing really much happens apart from the characters mastering their powers. It’s not an earth shattering movie, but it’s certainly better than some I have seen this year. I give it a reasonable 6/10 and it is one to waste an hour and a half on one evening if you have nothing better to do. Here’s the trailer…