Well, it seems like a better day today, we may even venture into the garden today and do a bit of tidying. The dandelions are beginning to take over again. I have been living in a lurgy filled house for the past week and a half. Both Xander and Kell have been poorly with flu/cold/cough but fortunately I have managed to avoid getting it. Xander had the week off nursery so he has been climbing the walls to get out a bit the last couple of days and driving us nuts, hence the need to get into the garden today, I just hope the weather holds.

Asda has been taken care of and lunch is currently in progress =) Xander is watching The Lion King while he eats his tomato soup. He already knows it pretty much word for word.

Work is going ok, I’m still working my days off. However, the change is job has been a good one. The new duty is much easier and although there is a lot of company mail to take care of in the morning, when we are out on the street its much better than the old job I had with all those stairs. The earlier start hasn’t been a problem either, so all in all I’m pretty happy with my eventual choice.

Next week (from the 7th May) I am on holiday and we are going to visit Kell’s mum and stepdad down the road in Blyth for a couple of days. When we get back we really must go and visit my mum and dad aswell as its been too long since our last visit because of work and other stuff so an email will be getting sent today to organise something.

Well anyway, I better go and finish up my lunch and get outside before it rains. Stay tuned for more Eurovision blog posts from me in the coming days and weeks. The contest itself is now only a month away and the excitement is building =)