The A-Z Blogging Challenge is something that I am taking part in for the first time. It has been going for a few years and is more popular that ever. The premise is very simple. Each day in April with the exception of a few Sundays, bloggers from around the world blog for 26 days in April with each day’s blog beginning with the next letter of the alphabet, so April 1st is “A”, the 2nd is “B” and so on. The subject of each blog can be anything as long as it is to do with the appropriate letter. Some people blog about anything, some people theme their blogs. I hope you enjoy reading some of my posts and if I would love to read your comments about my challenge.

“Y” is for Yes

ou might have heard of this band. Yes have been on the go for years and years, decades in fact. This progressive rock band has made many albums but have primarily been known as an album band. Their only single success was in 1980 when “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” went to number one in the US, it wasn’t quite as successful in the UK, but its the song that gives them the most airplay on the radio. Here is the full length version of the track, stilla classic I think =)