The A-Z Blogging Challenge is something that I am taking part in for the first time. It has been going for a few years and is more popular that ever. The premise is very simple. Each day in April with the exception of a few Sundays, bloggers from around the world blog for 26 days in April with each day’s blog beginning with the next letter of the alphabet, so April 1st is “A”, the 2nd is “B” and so on. The subject of each blog can be anything as long as it is to do with the appropriate letter. Some people blog about anything, some people theme their blogs. I hope you enjoy reading some of my posts and if I would love to read your comments about my challenge.

“V” is for Van Halen & Steve Vai

an Halen. Eddie and Alex. When I was a boy and all my schoolmates were getting into the early rave scene and early Manchester Britpop music like Blur and The Stone Roses, I was, as usual stuck in the 80s and still enjoying rock music. Van Halen were one of my initial favourites and indeed I still have their first album on vinyl that I bought with my own money. I remember hearing the first track on the album (Eruption) and thinking that the guitar work was amazing, which of course it is. One of my favourite tracks by the band is without the original singer David Lee Roth and is instead with his replacement Sammy Hagar. Here is “Why Can’t This Be Love