The A-Z Blogging Challenge is something that I am taking part in for the first time. It has been going for a few years and is more popular that ever. The premise is very simple. Each day in April with the exception of a few Sundays, bloggers from around the world blog for 26 days in April with each day’s blog beginning with the next letter of the alphabet, so April 1st is “A”, the 2nd is “B” and so on. The subject of each blog can be anything as long as it is to do with the appropriate letter. Some people blog about anything, some people theme their blogs. I hope you enjoy reading some of my posts and if I would love to read your comments about my challenge.

“S” is for Soundtracks (of the original type)

ongs that appear in movies are important. They create a mood for the film and they can be of different genres. Usually, a movie will have two soundtracks. One will contain songs by popular bands and the other will be an original score, or the incidental music. Depending on the movie, I like both kinds. An example of an original score would be from the movie 300. The funny thing with soundtracks is that popular bands can also do original scores. Confused yet?

One of my favourite more recent scores is from the movie Tron : Legacy, a movie that I waited 30 years for. Dance act Daft Punk wrote all the music for the movie and I think its great. I’m by no means a dance music fan but if something grabs me, then I will like it if it’s catchy enough. This track called “Derezzed” came out when the first trailer for the movie was released and it made the film even more appealing. Music has this power.

There are of course other examples of very fine soundtracks, Queen’s Flash Gordon soundtrack is a classic, as is the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever which predominantly featured The Bee Gees and changed the face of the music scene for a generation. However, because I’m biassed, I will leave you with that famous bass drum beat from Queen’s Flash theme. Enjoy!