Thats us back from Asda and for once, Xander was perfect all the way round! No misbehaving or whingeing or anything, bliss!. Anyway, the cupboards are all well stocked again for another week and its nearly lunchtime =)

Work has been interesting this week. I started on my new duty in the city centre and its good. Although most of the week my colleague and I have been late in finishing, the jobs themselves are not too bad and I think they are workable on the street, it’s just in the office that is difficult to get ready. With the companies I deliver to getting a real stack of mail everyday to get them all ready for the time we are supposed to be leaving is hard at the moment, but hopefully once the management has sorted out the problems with the indoor mail sorting, then we should be able to get out at a good time. Fingers crossed anyway.

We had intended to go out into the garden today and do a little more work on it, but it’s so damn cold. It also looks as if it is going to rain some more this afternoon, so we have decided against venturing outside again today, so I think perhaps a film will be on the cards on the sofa before I settle myself down to watch the Chelsea FA Cup semi final on the TV at the stupidest time of 6pm. Who on earth thought that was a good idea? Hopefully we can get the desired result and at least have the chance of some silverware this season.

Xander is just advancing so much week after week. He goes back to nursery this Tuesday after their two week Easter holiday and I think he will be pleased to get back to it. He spelled his own name out today after typing it in a Word document. It took him a while to find the letters on the keyboard, but once he had it on the screen he sounded out each letter in turn before announcing his name proudly. Also, we are pleased to say that his latest stammering episode has disappeared and he has come out of it again. He is also happy about it aswell because it was really beginning to upset him through frustration, but all is well again.

Smurfin’ The Web has had a great week and all my readers have been enjoying my A-Z Blog Challenge posts. I started off on the movie franchise theme, but have switched it to bands and songs that I enjoy and that has been a lot more fun to write about. I have also been visiting some of the other bloggers that are taking part and have found some interesting subjects and posts. It’s a break day today though so I’ll be back with “N” on Monday so I hope you’ll all come and have a look then.

Anyway, lunch is here. Have a good weekend folks =)