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This is a trailer that I saw just recently and it looked ok. Sadly the reality of the full film was very disappointing. The story itself has been done to death in other, better movies and this was obviously just a bog standard paycheck movie for Marc Wahlberg. Contraband was released in the UK in the middle of March 2012.

After the smuggling of some drugs into the country goes wrong, Chris Farraday (Marc Wahlberg) has to re-enter the world of international smuggling in order to pay back the original dealer and save his brother-in-law’s life. In order to do this, he has to come up with a plan that doesn’t involve drugs. With only a limited amount of time to pull off the task, will he be able to manage in time, or will the law intervene first?

The film also stars, JK Simmons as captain of the ship that the smuggle is taking place on, Kate Beckinsale as Farraday’s wife Kate and Ben Foster as the best friend that is there for everyone and perhaps a little “too much” – Sebastian Abney. The acting is typical mediocrity for the cast, the story is basically ripped off from Gone In 60 Seconds and the action is pretty dull. It certainly didn’t leave me on the edge of my seat and I could have spent the 109 minutes it took to get to the end of the film doing something much more interesting.

It was nice to see Giovanni Ribisi back into a mainstream movie rather than the independent stuff that he seems to do these days, but even he cannot save this film. I think the fact that is has been a reasonable box office success leads me to wonder that film-goers just aren’t interested in good filmmaking anymore and as such I can only give this movie a poor 4/10. Really not worth it.