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Its Easter everyone, so Happy Hairy Guy Locked In A Cave Day! and just for the record… demographically speaking, he wouldn’t have been a white guy, he would’ve been middle eastern, but let’s not split hairs shall we? So Xander was up very early today, but he went back to playing very quietly in his room which he is pretty good at when asked to do so in the mornings. I do manage to get some of lie-in at least, being up much later than I normally am for work is kind of a lie-in isn’t it? Normally Xander will just play with his cars or read a book until we get him, such a change from when he was up a stupid o’clock and wouldn’t go back to his room. He is just so grown up these days, loving nursery still.

When it was actually time to get up, Kell and Xander went through to the living room to see if the Easter Bunny had been for a visit. I heard Xander exclaim that there was a trail of eggs. Just some little tiny ones, but he thought it was great, especially when he discovered the golden bunny on the window. Not only that, but there were a couple of other presents for him aswell, a Thomas The Tank booklight, because he loves to read a book in his bed with a torch. He always falls asleep with it on, but I don’t mind him reading a book. He also got a Harry Potter wand so he can do his magic spells and his first set of dominoes, we shall have to play that later on.

As for the rest of us? another day in paradise. I was going to be going into work, but my new van partner isn’t going to be on the new job yet so it wasn’t worth going in to sort things out ready for Tuesday. What else is on the menu for today then. A trip to Duthie Park is planned after lunch. It’s not the best of weather today, it looks kind of wet so I think it’ll be a walk through the Winter Gardens instead.

I said goodbye to my old delivery yesterday. After roughly 5 years on it (with a few short periods away from it) I had made some friends with the customers and it was a lovely quiet area of berdeen where no-one hassled you. I shall mis it a bit, but I won’t miss the amount of stairs I had on half of it. Where I am going there are much less stairs to climb, but I will have a lot more letters that require signatures as I have a lot of compaines on my new delivery. Of course, the upside to that is that at least I know I will get rid of them =) Hopefully it won’t take me too long to get the hang of it.

I should really do some more decorating, it’s still unfinished from where I left off last time, but I should have more days off with the new job, well that is what we are led to believe anyway. So hopefully I will be able to get on with some more of it soon. Once we have got some new curtains for the living room, I will post a pic of the finished room, we haven’t found any that we like yet. Anyway, Asda is calling us once more, time to go and get some food for the week. We better stock up on the carrots and houmus that Xander has suddenly developed a liking for. Enjoy your week everyone =) Here is Xander with his haul of eggs for this year, he looks pretty chuffed, lol.