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Time for another dose of the beautiful game and my thoughts on the past week. Last weekend saw our worst nightmare almost happening in the English game. Fabrice Muamba had been playing in the Spurs vs Bolton FA Cup tie when he collapsed in the centre circle just before half time. Obviously in trouble the medics were extremely quick to react and even members of the crowd ran on to the pitch to help the stricken player who had in fact suffered a heart attack. We all feared the worst, but thankfully because of the swift action of the medical team and a few extra individuals, his life was saved and although effectively “dead” for well over an hour, he is starting to recover. It is unclear what caused the 23 year old to have a massive heart attack like this and it is also similarly unclear if he will play the game again, but all we can do is wish him well. Get well soon Fabrice Muamba.

Last night, Chelsea showed the “Mr Hyde” side of their team yet again when despite going up 1-0 against Manchester City, they managed to lose the game 2-1. I never actually saw the game but I did hear that the newly returned from self imposed exile Carlos Tevez changed the game, his first since the infamous “refusing to warm up” incident, way back in September of last year. That loss has now left Chelsea chasing the final Champions League spot and it is touch and go if they will clinch it, although Spurs are also imploding big time.

The Premier League title race is still firmly locked between the two Manchester clubs and I think that the winners this year will be decided on the 30th April when the two clubs meet for the final time this campaign. It’s the battle below them that is more interesting with Arsenal sneaking into the top 3, Spurs self destructing and Chelsea just being, well, Chelsea…

Glasgow Rangers continue to head towards liquidation although there are four bids on the table for the stricken club. I wouldn’t be disappointed to see the have to fold and start over again, but of course we know that this will not happen. It will all come down to money in the end and there are those with enough of it to stop the club from folding completely. It is now just a waiting game really, but it does appear that for the first time in quite a few years, The Old Firm will be split in the league rather than the customary first and second places they always occupy. Motherwell are have a really good season and should do enough to finish second this season.