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Here are another few entries from the first semi final of this year’s contest. Today we are heading into Scandinavia, then over to Eastern Europe and back to Ireland, and I know you’re just going to dig what they have in store for us all this year.

So far I have to say that the standard hasn’t been the greatest and certainly not on a par with last year’s entries. However, some of those took their time to grow on me last year so there is still time for more tracks to make an impression. Lets go and visit Denmark shall we?

Born in Guatemala, but Danish by parentage, Soluna Samay’s song “Should’ve Known Better” is a country/folk rock kinda thing and not their best entry. I don’t know whats really going on here with her costume, but I’m guessing they’ll change that for the actual contest itself…or not. I’m not a fan of this song, but early bookie odds of 10/1 making it the 4th favourite to win the contest suggest that it will qualify for the final with relative ease. See what you think.

Second today is a trip to Russia, who have won the contest in recent years and have a pretty decent record. This year saw Dima Balin, a former Eurovision winner fail to win the competition to represent his country again and this year Russia will be the joke act. Even more so than Austria’s entry. Buranovskiye Babushki are a group of six women, I would say pretty old women at that who are trying their hand at being cool and trendy and failing dismally with a sing called “Party For Everybody“. Of course, people will vote for it because they see it as funny but ultimately it spoils the final in my opinion. It’s just not worth it ladies…

Lastly today, lets come back to Great Britain and look at our neighbours, Ireland. They still hold the record for the number of Eurovision wins with 7. I don’t think they will increase that record any this year as Jedward return to try their hand again with a track called “Waterline“. They are still doing the whole jumping around out of time thing and can’t really sing, but if they put the same amount of fun and verve into their performance as they di last year they should qualify for the final. An 8th place finish last year was very admirable and they weren’t as bad as they were made out to be on the two nights that they performed. Here is this year’s entry…LIVE!

The studio version is better, but this is more realistic I think. Lets face it they have to do it live on the night, so why show you the studio version here, you can go listen to that yourselves 😉 I shall finish off the final few entries from the first semi final over the weekend. Thanks for reading, have you found a favourite yet? Let me know.