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It’s my turn again this week and I’ve been at a loss. I am just going to pick a subject at complete random. So in the light of this, today’s topic for discussion will be – “Pirates“.

The end of the month sees a new animated film hit the UK cinemas. It’s called The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists. Sorry America, you’ll have to wait an extra month for this one, but it is British 😉 It looks really good and is made by the same people who brought us Chicken Run. So avast me hearties and tell me some of your favourite pirate themed movies, or I’ll make you walk the plank!

Without stating the obvious Johnny Depp four pack of movies, I shall try to bring you something different. First up from me is Cutthroat Island. It was one of the first films I can remember seeing in the action genre where a woman was playing the main part, especially in the role of a pirate. Being a woman of course has its problems for Geena Davis, who plays the part of Morgan and if she doesn’t complete her quest the rest of her crew are certain to mutiny. I guess the world wasn’t quite ready for female pirates in 1995; the film bombed big time and stalled Ms. Davis’ career for a couple of years.

Secondly today is The Goonies. An 80s classic and one movie that I intend to get for my son Xander to watch. He likes an action family adventure movie and this is one of the best. Starring a whole host of household names, many of which are still making great movies, the film tells the story of a group of friends who find a treasure map and embark on the biggest adventure of their lives.

So let’s have some of your favourite pirate themed movies and post them in the comments box. Please visit other blogs and have a go yourself. In the meantime for any of my readers who don’t get the release of this yet, here is the trailer for The Pirates! I’m looking forward to this one.