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It’s a lovely day. The sun is shining and it looks like its going to be sunny all day. So it would certainly appear to be the start of spring. Our clocks go forward next week an hour, so we lose some sleep šŸ˜¦

The only problem with the start of spring is that the garden needs to get done and grass starts to grow. I haven’t been very good over the past year with it but this year I am determined to make it a little nicer. Kell wants to put a raised bed for some vegetables in this year, so I guess I will have my work cut out. Finding the time to do this of course will be fun due to work.
Speaking of work, we are now in the middle of a resign, meaning that all the walks go in a hat and starting with the most senior postman, the jobs are picked one by one. Coming in at number 79 is me. For once, I actually do have options and will hopefully have something by Tuesday when the guy running it will be back after his long weekend. I have my eye on one or two jobs. The thing with this resign is that because of the split in driver and walking duties, obviously a walking postie who isn’t assessed to drive a van cannot sign for a driving duty, so I am in with a very good chance of getting the job that I want which would be great (I think). We shall see and I’ll keep you updated on this next week when the decision is made.

Xander was very good this morning, I had intended to give Kell a lie-in for Mother’s Day and was just about to get up when boyo comes through and decides to pick out my clothes for me. Shirt, jeans, then socks, pants to match (lol) they both have red on, then my jeans. The funny thing was that he then proceeded to hang them on the handles of the chest of drawers ready for me. Very funny and Kell was giggling aswell which basically woke her up properly. He did give her a very nice card the other day that he made at nursery and there was another to give her today. So happy Mother’s Day to all, I hope mine got her card =)

Right, I can’t sit around here all day, Asda to go to, but first I will find Xander some clothes to wear. Have a great weekend folks. See you all next week and there will be more Eurovision and movie madness in between times.