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Another few videos for you to have a look at today. We are getting through the first semi final list of entrants quite quickly. There have been a few more songs decided since my last blog and we shall also be hearing more about the UK entry in the coming days I believe. Certainly before the end of the month anyway.

So what can we expect today? There seems to be a distinct choice of style of songs this year with either the electro-pop style or the full on ballad being the preferred choices. Middle ground isn’t so popular this year. Let’s get straight on with some more euro-dance for Baku.

Romania is our next port of call on our trek across Europe and this is certainly one of the pop acts. I am not a fan of this song. You can hear the amount of autotune on this track and that leads me to believe that she can’t do it live. Mandinga sings in Spanish and English here with a song called “Zaleilah“. It’s hard to say if it will qualify though, my heart hopes not, but there are some crazy Europeans out there… does anyone remember the foil clad Ukrainians from a few years ago? Yes..I thought you would, lol. Anyway…

Now I don’t know about you guys, but everyone does love a bit of cheese at Eurovision and this year there seems to be an outright winner in this department. Austria have gone all out and even have an artist with a rude name, well certainly to us Brits 😉 Trackshittaz have entered a song called “Woki Mit Deim Popo” which translated means “Shake Your Ass“. I strangely like this. I have a feeling it might just qualify for the final for its novelty factor alone. They certainly seem to be having a lot of fun which does help in this contest. See what you think…


Thirdly today is one of the early favourites, Cyprus. Here again I hear the extensive use of autotune and personally I find this song highly annoying. Sung by Ivi Adamou, “La La Love” is a simple tune with a big hook that people are going to love or hate depending on your point of view. Like I said earlier though, its full on pop music with nothing in between and I think it could be a year that sees a winner come from this side of the tracks, we have had quite a few ballad winners in recent times, perhaps Europe is thinking it’s time for a change of pace?

In my next blog, a couple of songs that I actually rate as high contenders and the return of a favourite act. Stay tuned =)