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Well guess what? Yep you’re right, I was working all week again. That’s now since November last year I have worked my day off through the week, lol. It was pretty busy this week with one bulk mail or another including the council tax bills for this year. I have actually looked through the little book just now and found something interesting as regards to what our council spends the money on.

Apparently we spend, out of £451.6M a year, £22.992M on public roads and lighting. Ok, that’s obviously not enough then because our roads are simply full of potholes and temporary fixes. Secondly, we spend only £34.075M on the police and fire departments. That is definitely not enough. Our streets still have crime and although safer than a lot of places, Aberdeen still has its fair share of neds and idiots going around. I still have no idea what the £41.292M on “other services” is for. My biggest gripe here though is the massive £121.281M of our money that is being spent per year on Social Services. Now, this amount is second only to education. What on earth is wrong with our city that we need to spend such a hideous amount of money on social services? Are people that damaged here? I think its time to cut that money a little and give it to the more essential services such as roads, police, and fire, or indeed housing which is a major problem here in Aberdeen. Affordable housing is very difficult to come by and only £10.528M per year is spent on it. I would wager that if you gave affordable housing to people who needed a little bit of help in this area, you wouldn’t need to spend quite so much on their social service.

We had a little parents get together at Xander’s nursery school on Wednesday and it seems he is settling in very nicely. Although not taking part in a lot of activities at the moment, he has started to do a couple of things. He made a nice wand the other day and he showed us how he does his playdoh when he is there, so at least he is coming round to the idea of joining in with others now. He likes his teacher and while we were there it was “Miss Davis this” and “Miss Davis that”.

My wife is on a fitness kick and she is doing really well. She is being very enthusiastic about it and her determination is good to see, I’m very proud of what she has achieved so far and I am sure that there is more to come. You never know, it might rub off onto me, but I wouldn’t bet too much on that at the moment, work seems to be taking most of my time, hence why Operation Interior Decoration is still on hold with the hallway on partially painted. Keeping on top of everyday things is tiring enough just now, lol.

Right, I’m off to sort out the clean washing – a man’s work is never done 😉 Have a good weekend folks.