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Well its time to start taking you through some of the artists and songs that will be on display at the end of May this year in Baku. I shall do this by way of posting two or three countries’ entries whenever I blog about Eurovision and give my thoughts on the prospects of those particular songs.

I did this last year, but I was a little less organised and much less read as a blog. From the viewers I am getting so far on the two blogs I have already written, I am getting on with this properly now. So I hope you enjoy these songs and my personal opions on them.

First up is Albania. The artist is Rona Nishliu with a song called “Suus”. Now don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a singer with a decent enough voice, but when someone has to shout? thats when it gets annoying. Furthermore, when I am not sure what key the song is supposed to be in, it gets worse for me. Then to make matters worse she performs a squeal section two thrids of the way through the song that is going to have to be cut to 3 minutes anyway. Albania do not have a good track record in the contest with the best showing being in their debut in 2004. I don’t think they will qualify for the final this year.

Lets move onto Finland. Who can forget their winning entry from 2006, Lordi. I still listen to that song. This year though, the days of “Hard Rock Hallelujah” are long gone. The artist particpating for Finland this year is Pernilla Karlsson with a track called “När Jag Blundar“. Last year, Finland’s entry really grew on me. I’m afraid that this year I do not think that is going to happen. The track is dull, with some weird dance interpretation of the song in the foreground and although female solo artists have a good track record at Eurovision, this isn’t going to be a hit, but hey stanger things have happened when it comes to Finland right?

Lastly today, we shall visit one of Finland’s neighbours, Iceland. A duet this time and featuring a previous entrant, Gréta Salóme & Jónsi enter this song named “Mundu Eftir Mér” and of the tracks I have heard, this is a good one. A strong performance in the first semi final SHOULD see this qualify as the first Scandanavian finalist and I hope it does well. There is good music, chemistry and vocal talent here and although its a slow starter, the song quickly gets going and the rousing orchestral strings and quick paced chorus certainly make this appealing to me. I forgot to mention the sexy chick on violin aswell 😉

So the first three entrants from Semi Final 1. For me only one good one, but everyone is different and I’d love to hear your thoughts on these songs as I post them up in each blog. Leave your comments below and thanks for reading so far, there is much more to come before the big day in May.