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This is an emergency post! I know, I know but I had to write something that couldn’t wait until Friday. So AVB has not been able survive the wrath of Roman and has been sacked from his post as manager at Chelsea FC.

As I sit here listening to the pundits and ex players talking about what has happened today, I find myself more and more frustrated by what I’m hearing. Everyone in the media appears to be saying that AVB alienated the players in the dressing room, he tried to turn things around within the club too quickly etc etc. I disagree.

There is only one conclusion that can be drawn by an honest fan and that is of the one that certain players in the club hold all the cards and what they don’t get, they just go to their pal Roman and get from him. They have successfully managed to have yet another manager fired because things weren’t going the way THEY wanted it to go. Everyone blames the manager, I think its time that questions were asked of the players themselves.

Take the example of the Champions League game against Napoli, AVB tried out the youngsters and perhaps he should have played a mixture of old and young in such a game, but we fast forward to yesterday and he plays the senior boys, Frank & Co. and what happens? we get beat 1-0 by West Brom. The question then needs to be asked, what difference did it make playing them. AVB is surely not THAT tactically inept that he cannot put out an experienced side and get a result against West Brom. He managed a Porto side to an unbeaten season just 2 years ago.

I am at a loss. I feel betrayed by many of the players at Chelsea. The likes of Josh McEchran might as well start looking for a new club now as any other manager coming in is not going to give them a chance while Frank & Co and still at the club. Roberto DiMatteo, who has now been put in charge of the club until the end of the season is going to make no difference whatsoever. I predict that we will now see Frank & Co start EVERY single match now until the summer. If we get top 4 it will be a miracle, but I do not share the view that getting rid of AVB can possibly be good for the club. This decision is going to come back and haunt Chelsea and is some small way, I hope it does, just to prove that I was right.

Abramovich is running out of “big name” managers to take over at the club. Capello? – I don’t want him. Benitez? – I don’t want him and I don’t subscribe to the view that he will get the best out of Torres, he couldn’t do that at Liverpool. The next rising star is Bielsa at Athletic Bilbao. He should not even look in the direction of Chelsea FC if he wants to keep any sort of reputation. The big money will now be on a Jose Mourinho return. He will not have the same amount of money to spend and will be left with the same crop of players AVB has had this year, I bet it makes no difference to the on the pitch performances. I for one am very disappointed in my club today.

That is all.