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Its the 4th of March already! Where does the time go? Well its been a kind of business as usual week this week. I should be enjoying my long weekend off, but as usual I am working both my days off. I must be such a glutton for punishment, lol. Ah well I shouldn’t complain, its all pennies in the bank.

That is now two weeks since Xander started nursery school and we think he is still loving it. He doesn’t tell us much of what he has done on any particular day though which is a little frustrating, but there is a parents’ afternoon this Wednesday so we will be going along and finding out just what he has been up to during his time.

This week I also rediscovered a band that I used to love way back when – Danger Danger. I’ve been listening to them a LOT this week. A very underrated band that didn’t really strike it big here in the UK charts, but they had a big enough following to keep it going. If you’re interested in some classic 80s style rock, then check out their first album, Danger Danger and also their 4th album from 1998, Four The Hard Way.

On the movie front, we haven’t watched any this week, its been a week of catching up with TV shows. The one that I am enjoying the most just now is Person Of Interest. A truly unique show that is managing to keep it interesting with a few different story arcs going on at the same time. Its an easy concept to keep tabs on and I urge you to take a look at it if you get the chance.

As I write this, Xander’s mate Anderson has just arrived and they are now in his room tearing it apart very quickly no doubt. Takes ages to clean up, but not long to destroy again, lol. It’s all good fun for them though and burns off that mountains of energy that they seem to conjure up from thin air. Remember to check out my Eurovision blogs that there will be more of this week. I’ve had a quick look at some of the other countries’ entries and the more of them I see, the more confident I am that The Hump is going to do a good job for us this year. We shall see. Right stick the kettle on Missus!! 😉