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Now that the awards season is finally over and us film fans can calm down after the frenzy of movie watching for review purposes. It’s time for me to showcase a few trailers here at Smurfin’ The Web of films that are coming out this year that I really fancy seeing. Regular readers here have seen this feature before and any new fans are welcome to post up trailers to their own “must see” movies.

There are quite a few different styles of movie that I want to see this year, from kids to drama and sci-fi, so let me kick it off with a good kids movie.

I saw the first trailer for this one last year when my wife spotted it. Brave is the story of Princess Merida who does not want to follow family tradition and will choose her own destiny. She is a master archer and will have to rely on this and of course her bravery to undo a curse on her family. Disney seem to have really pulled out the stops for this one and the movie feature voices provided by Billy Connolly, Kelly McDonald and Emma Thompson. Here is the latest trailer, the slow motion shots are stunning in my opinion.

Next up is a follow-up to the mediocre movie from 2010, Clash Of The Titans. Sam Worthington stars once more as Perseus in Wrath Of The Titans (original title I know) and from the trailer it looks a lot better than the first movie which was a huge let down for me. I just hope for the sake of the box office take that the best bits aren’t just in the trailer as can happen in so many cases to pull in the punters. From this though, the movie looks good and might prove to be a hit this year.

Lastly today, I will leave you with the new trailer for Marvel Avengers Assemble. Now I’m not being funny towards our American friends, but we here in Britain really aren’t that thick. We know the difference between The Avengers – superhero style and The Avengers – guy in a bowler hat style. We did make that program after all. Ok, admittedly, both feature a sexy chick in a tight catsuit (Emma Peel)… but I feel patronised when Hollywood gives the UK audience a different title and let’s be fair, it’s a crap title. The movie looks good, but not as good as people are making it out to be. I’m personally looking forward to the Spiderman reboot more. I never really liked The Hulk that much either..