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Well there we have it folks, time travel really has been invented, much to the huge disappointment of many British Eurovision fans! The evening’s speculation was indeed true. You want to know who the UK entry for Baku 2012 is? Fanfare please…..ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK??!!

Yes I know, I couldn’t believe it either and was trawling the Eurovision sites for a short time thinking that the BBC site had actually been hacked. Nope, sorry, it appears that this is no joke, the artsist formally known as Gerry Dorsey, or Slut Bunwalla (thank you Mr Izzard) IS indeed our act for this year’s contest.

Well, according to the powers that be, the song (as yet unheard) has many big names attached to it. The song is apparently produced by Grammy award-winning Martin Terefe (Mary J Blige, James Morrison) and co-written by Martin and Ivor Novello winner Sacha Skarbek (Adele, Lana Del Ray, James Blunt). The track is being recorded in London, L.A and Nashville.

Wow, I am actually gobsmacked. The BBC are proud to announce it. The fans on Facebook and Twitter don’t appear to share the sentiments! As social network sites go ballistic it remains to be seen what sort of song we shall be entering this year. I’ll say this though, he used to be able to sing, can he still do it? At the age of 75, its been a very long career for Mr. H and with his last UK hit being in 1972, it is going to take something very special for the UK to win this year. Of course, we don’t actually want to because of the cost, so at least we won’t have that to worry about eh?

So the majority have got “The Hump” over this choice, but I ask you this, would we be saying the same thing if a certain Tom Jones had been picked? He’s only 71 😉 Anyway, here is Wingelbert Humptyback with his class hit “Please Release Me” just to get you in the mood…