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This week’s theme is: Talk That Talk!

Share on your blog or in the comments section, movies that feature your most favorite speeches or your most memorable speeches in movies to date. Also, please do visit the blogs of other meme participants to read and comment on their list.

This topic is coming off the back of The Oscars from yesterday where we have remembered some good, and some not so good acceptance speeches from the award winners.

There are many films to choose from here and I think that a lot of entries in this theme will be either sports movies or war movies, but hey, what better circumstances to provide a motivational speech right? Wrong, I’m going to start with a courtroom just to be awkward.

“You Can’t Handle The Truth!” A Few Good Men is my favourite movie of all time. In my opinion, there is none finer. I have loved this film from the first time I saw it. The performances are ALL the best and in a year when it should have cleaned up the 4 Oscars it was nominated for and now would probably get a few more, it took home – ZERO. The film gives us one of my favourite ever scenes in film history between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. An unlikely pairing I will agree but it was shot in TWO TAKES, this is the second one. Here is the whole scene, it gets me every time.

“3 Kinds Of People” Next up, just for a bit of fun is Team America : World Police. I thought this film poking every finger of fun at the USA, made by Americans was brilliant. The puppetry is great, the story is great, the humouor is fantastic and the lines are even better, none finer than this motivational speech by some guy in a bar. The kind of thing you can actually imagine some guy in a bar telling you. **WARNING** – **BAD LANGUAGE ALERT!!**

“St.Crispin’s Day” Ok, back to seriousness now. I think William Shakespeare (or whoever ;-)) got this one right and Kenneth Branagh’s delivery of this great speech from one of The Bard’s best-loved plays, Henry V, is truly inspirational and certainly opened a few more doors for him in Hollywood. I don’t think I need to say anymore really about this one.

Finally, I came across this one while searching for others. 40 Great speeches in two minutes mashed up into one speech. Its pretty clever and uses some of the finest speeches from the world of cinema, perhaps it will inspire you guys to have a go at this week’s meme. Sit back and enjoy. Thanks for reading.