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Now that I have reviewed a lot of what has been nominated for this year’s big awards, I thought I would share with you my thoughts and predictions for who is going to actually win the Oscars this year. That is after all what we all want to know isn’t it?

I am going to do this on a “Want To”, “Probably Will” system and I have a feeling that many of my choices won’t match the final outcome of the awards themselves, but there is always disappointment at The Oscars.

So let’s get started with Best Visual Effects. I would like this one to go to Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes because it is a film that thought deserved more recognition and was one of my favourite films from 2011, but I think the actual award will go to either Hugo or the last Harry Potter film purely because it is the last Harry Potter film.

Best Original Song will definitely go to “Man Or Muppet” from the new Muppets film, basically due to the fact that no-one has heard of the only other nomination, “Real In Rio” from Rio.

The award for Best Orignial Score has to be going to The Artist. To be honest, I have no preference in this category and would probably agree that The Artist should get it, as it is a vehicle for telling the story in the film. Other nominations include Hugo, Tintin, War Horse and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

I think that The Iron Lady will be given the Oscar for Best Makeup and I would be happy with this. It is quite eerie how much Meryl Streep looks like Margaret Thatcher and my choice would be the same. The movie Albert Nobbs is the only other major threat with Glenn Close being turned into a man no less.

I’d like the Best Cinematography award to go to War Horse. I think that it was very well shot and it has already won awards in this category this year. War Horse is my choice, but other contenders are Hugo, The Artist (which will probably win it) and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Now we come to the Best Animated Feature award. Like I said in my review the other day, how The Adventures of Tintin : The Secret Of The Unicorn isn’t nominated for this I will never know. It’s actually criminal that it has been omitted. That what I would want to win, but I think Rango will take the award.

Next up, the big ones in my opinion starting with Best Screenplay Based Upon Previously Published Material. There are some cracking films in this category and I have a feeling that either The Descendants or Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy will win it. Personally I would like Moneyball to win this one. I love Aaron Sorkin’s work and he has previous with The Social Network.

Best Original Screenplay will be won by The Artist. As strange as it seems for a silent movie, it will get the gong for daring to be different. Again, I have no preference here in a category that includes the film Bridesmaids

Finally we come to the “Big Six”. I will start with Best Director. So many big names are in this category, but I think that due to his Bafta Academy Fellowship award, he will lose out here to either Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist or Alexander Payne for The Descendants. Personally, I would rather have the latter. I did love that movie.

Best Supporting Actress is a tough one this year. With two nominations from the film The Help, I think it will be either Jessica Chastain or Octavia Spencer. Having not seen that film, I want Berenice Bejo to win for The Artist. She was very good and probably should have been nominated for Best Lead Actress as she shares the screen pretty much equally with her male counterpart Jean Dujardin.

Best Supporting Actor is equally tough this year. I want Jonah Hill to win for Moneyball because it was such a departure for him to take on a serious role and do a really great job. He should do more parts like this and I hope to see more. I think however the statue will go to Christopher Plummer based on what he has won so far this year in other ceremonies. The Beginners has been very good for him, so that’s my prediction.

Into the last 3 awards now and Best Actress is between three. Meryl Streep for The Iron Lady which is my pick. The other two are Michelle Williams for My Week With Marilyn and Viola Davis for The Help. I haven’t seen the last two movies, but based on my wife’s reviews of both I think Streep will take it.

Best Actor will go to Jean Dujardin for The Artist. I want George Clooney to win for The Descendants. I thought his blend of sadness, comedy and everything else in between was excellent, but the hype it all about The Artist and it is going to win the big ones I fear.

Last is Best Picture. The star prize. with a total of 9 movies going for this award, there is a lot of different styles on show here. For The Academy, there is only going to be one winner – The Artist – for being bold, brave and different. I had previously thought that The Descendants would be my pick for the big award, but after seeing Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, there is only one winner for me and it is that. Very rarely do I give a movie 10/10 and this movie deserves more. Its my winner of the year.

So there you have it, my predictions for this year’s Oscars. I hope you have enjoyed my blogs up until now and I will round it all off with a review of the awards themselves after I have seen them. I look forward to finding out the winners this year. Thank you.