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It’s horror time again you wicked people. As promised way back in August of last year when I saw the original made for TV version of The Woman In Black, I said I would review the remake when it came out.

I have just seen the new version and would like to share my thoughts on how the new version shapes up. There has been quite a bit of talk about this movie recently and its been quite a hit at the box office so far fighting it out with the hugely popular film The Muppets (which I have yet to see).

The story follows a young lawyer who has to travel to a remote village and deal with the final estate and affairs of the recently deceased widow Alice Drablow. In this version he is called Arthur Kipps and played by Daniel Radcliffe in a huge departure from his Harry Potter days, which hopefully will now move well into the past for him so that he can progress as an actor. In this Hammer interpretation of the tale (which is great to see – Hammer making great horror again) the cast has been kept small and also stars Ciaran Hinds as Sam Daily, the wealthy man from the village that helps Kipps deal with what he is about to experience at the house where he is dealing with all the paperwork of the Alice Drablow estate.

I have to be honest here and say that the movie is very similar to the 1989 BBC version, but this is something that doesn’t spoil the story one little bit. The classic plot of a great ghost story is still there, but with todays filmmaking techniques and modern technology regarding special effects, the production quality is far greater. Imagine how Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing would look if all those classic Hammer’s had been made today. – Yeah, bloody great =) (pun intended).

Radcliffe does a good job, but you can see that he has still to shake off the Harry Potter sense of foreboding look that he had for many of those films, but I think that doing this movie was a good move for him and there is much more to come from him. There are some really good moments that make you jump in this movie, even the ones you know are coming and that’s the mark of a good horror for me. I was not wrong in my expectations of this movie when I wrote the review of the old version and I give it an extra half mark for better production, but only for that. The film itself is faithful to the story and therefore gets a spine-chilling 8.5/10 from me. Enjoy the trailer once more and grab a chance to see it.