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In a stark contrast to the so-called adventure movie that is Hugo, I had the pleasure of watching The Adventures Of Tintin : The Secret Of The Unicorn two nights ago. Now THIS is how to make an adventure movie. The Steven Spielberg directed animated feature is not only exciting, but is brilliantly cast, amazingly made and leaves you wanting more of the Tintin stories to be turned into full length movies just like this one.

Based upon the original Herge story, which was one of his favourite creations, The Secret Of The Unicorn tells the story of Sir Francis Haddock and the riddles he has left inside 3 model ships that will lead to the lost treasure of the pirate Red Rackham. It is purely an adventure story and unlike some of Herge’s other books, contains no political undertones whatsoever. That made it the ideal starting point for a more up to date version of the story to be produced.

With writing from Doctor Who and Sherlock talent Steven Moffat, alongside Joe Cornish (Attack The Block) and Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim vs The World), the screenplay is tremendous and true to the original texts. The movie is produced by Peter Jackson and I saw a 3D trailer for this at the cinema when I went to see The Three Musketeers. I knew then that I wanted to see this movie for definite and have been waiting ever since.

The cast is incredible. Jamie Bell takes on the lead role of Tintin himself with the amazing Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock. Also starring are Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, Daniel Craig, Toby Jones, Daniel Mays, Mackenzie Crook, and many more. They all deliver a top-notch performance behind the mics and show that they can be just as good off camera as on it.

What makes this film brilliant though is the animation. It is truly STUNNING. Things have come a long way since the mid 1990s and Toy Story. The characters are so realistic, you can even see the actors faces to a certain extent in the characters and it is almost as if they are actually there on screen, its that good. There are a few nice references to the original artworks by Herge himself, but even now, they still look the same only more real if that makes any sense at all.

I really was blown away by this movie and although it’s not a Senna or A Few Good Men which are much different kinds of movie, this one gets a simply brilliant 9/10 from me and I hope that they go on to make more of them. I find it absolutely criminal that it has only been nominated in one category for The Oscars and it’s not even a technical one, it’s Best Score. The work that has gone into this movie and it has been completely snubbed in favour of the likes of Puss In Boots and Rango which are, in my opinion, hugely inferior films. Mr Spielberg must have upset someone in Hollywood by the looks of things with his other big entry this year, War Horse getting the thumbs down from The Academy aswell.

Check out the trailer and Domestic Goddess’ review and then if you get a chance to see the movie, take it, you will NOT be disappointed.