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Its been snowing! Wow, great…can you sense my enthusiasm here? I’m not a huge fan of the snow really. I don’t mind driving in it, but its the other drivers on the road that show no consideration or intelligence to others and still think that they can drive at stupid speeds.

Just this morning as I was cleaning my car off, a van almost skidded into me to stop for another car coming the other way. Simply by going too fast. The it took him ages to get away again because he was revving the car in 1st gear instead of a slow and steady 2nd. For all the American reading this, we have manual gearboxes here šŸ˜‰

So tomorrow is a big day for Xander. He starts nursery school properly after his test day went great. Instead of half an hour, he had a 45 minute session and didn’t want to leave! He is very excited about starting properly and even mentioned today that “Miss Davis” (his new teacher) would take the big blocks through from another room, so already he’s got the hang of calling the teacher by their name. Very sweet.

Its been a bumper week on the blog with reader figures above a hundred a day since last week which is great news. I think the publicity I have received from my A-Z promo video is helping to spread my blog posts across the interweb and its good to know. Coming soon is of course the A-Z Blog Challenge starting in April, but before that starts I will be beginning to write my Eurovision 2012 posts in preparation for this year’s song contest. I intend to be a lot more organised than I was last year, but with a year’s blogging experience now under my belt, I have discovered that advance scheduling is a great tool.

I have added a couple of pages at the top of the blog. A-Z Challenge and Eurovision 2012. Please check for updates. As for movie reviews, I haven’t actually watched anything much this week, it was a week of catching up with TV. Tonight though is a movie night and the movie Hugo will be the next subject for my Oscar Blog series. I’m quite looking forward to the movie after initial scepticism. I also have The Muppets to watch soon so look out for my review of that through the week.

Now though, it is time to go and make some nice footprints in what little snow there is. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough to take the sledge out and its melting fast. Enjoy your weekends everyone and see you next week. Thanks for reading =)