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Time for another dose of football musings. So what happened in the week? Luis Suarez snubbed a handshake, Glasgow Rangers entered into administration, the Champions League returned and it now seems that Chelsea are indeed a “club in crisis”.

So I have a question for you. Why is it that a customary handshake between players between QPR and Chelsea is cancelled amidst the racism row involving John Terry and Anton Ferdinand, yet one between Manchester United and Liverpool on the return of Suarez since being banned for 8 matches for racially abusing Patrice Evra (and being found guilty) is not?

Personally I don’t see the difference here. The actions on the field by that poor excuse for a professional footballer Suarez and his manager’s comments after the match could have caused untold trouble in the city of Manchester and lets face it, they’ve rioted for less. They were irresponsible, childish and unprofessional. The sooner the owners of Liverpool FC get shot of the Uruguayan the better for the whole image of the club. Dalgleish should also be tossed out for standing by that player. His actions in defence of his striker have brought shame on the club and more importantly the whole game of football into disrepute. I think the quickness of their apologies after the game show that something was said by the owners, but its actions that speak volumes and Liverpool FC need to turn the dials up to 11 to get out of this one any time soon.

Follow Follow“. Yes, it seems that Glasgow Rangers are indeed following a number of clubs down the administration route. The club has been docked 10 point in the SPL effectively handing the tile to rivals Celtic over an unpaid £9M tax bill. The club is also facing the outcome of another tax tribunal which could cost the club up to £75M. Rangers are in such financial disarray it is hard to see how the club can continue to function as it is. It is a stark reminder of past high-profile clubs in this situation such as Leeds Utd and more recently Portsmouth who have again slipped into the financial quicksand. I think in the case of Rangers, it could be considered, in terms of league status as Real Madrid or Barcelona going bust, so it’s quite a big deal. Personally, I couldn’t care less. Scottish football is dull to watch, and I hope the same happens to Celtic. There is no place for religion in football support in my opinion and I’d be glad to see the back of the pair of them…unfortunately, Celtic have learned the error of their ways and now cut their cloth accordingly. Sensible.

I Have Another Manager In Here Somewhere...

Finally Chelsea. Owner Roman Abramovich has been keeping a close watch on the day-to-day running of the club and especially on the training ground this week. The rumour mill is bulging with stories that Andre Villa-Boas is going to get the boot, especially is he doesn’t guide the team to a top 4 placing this year. That in itself would be a massive failure for the club, but for Christ’s sake Roman, bugger off and let the man do his job without watching over his shoulder. It’s like me storming into one of your power companies, sacking everyone and then saying “right this is how I’m going to do it now”. I know as much about energy business and Russian politics as you do football, so leave the man and the team alone to get on with it. I’m backing AVB to build his team and if it comes at the cost of the Champions League then so be it. Transition is a gradual process. The pundits and the media will all be calling for his head, and they’ll probably get it, but what difference is it going to make? And then who do we get – Fabio Capello? a manager that’s even more negative than Jose Mourinho when it comes to tactics? No thank you.