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Following on from my “Stick Me” meme last week, Nicole at The Madlab Post has decided to further expand the subject matter, and this week she is in pain. “When It Hurts Too Much” is the title of this week’s meme and its the feature of movies that cause pain in one way or another to the main characters and/or movies that are painful to watch.

I was undecided which way to go on this topic, whether it be mental pain or actual physical pain, so in the end I chose to pick a couple from each side of the fence. I hope you like my choices.

First up, a film that I saw and reviewed only the other night, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. The story of a boy who finds a mysterious key in his father’s closet a year after his death in the World Trade Centre tragedy of 9/11. There haven’t been that many movies that I have cried a lot at, but this is one of them. Its a really good story, delightful acting and very, very moving. It has been nominated for Best Film at this year’s Oscars and I for hope that it gets the win. If you haven’t seen it yet, you must. (Reviewed Here).

Second, is one of my favourite horror films, Hellraiser II – Hellbound. When a gifted child is given the famous puzzle box to solve by her unscrupulous doctor in order for him to marvekl at the secrets and wonders of Hell, Pinhead gives him a dose of his own medicine and causes pain in unimaginable ways as a reward. Full of violence and graphic images, this horror classic was the 1988 follow up to Clive Barker’s original Hellraiser movie.(Reviewed Here).

Third, we are back to emotional pain here with one of the other films that has made me cry uncontrollably, Schindler’s List. Based upon true events surround the Nazi entrepeneur Oskar Schindler during the Second World War who managed to overcome his greed and political views to save thousands of Jews from the Holocaust at much cost to himself, this black and white movie regarded by many as one of Steven Spielberg’s finest films, without giving too much away, there are many moments in the film where just can’t keep it together any longer. The fact that its all true makes it all the more painful.

Lastly, we’ll go for a dollop of horror again with Silence Of The Lambs. Hannibal Lecter is one of Anthony Hopkins best loved parts and the murdering cannibal inflicts a lot of pain on his victims. At the time of its release, it pushed the boundaries or psycholgical horror like never before and there are some real “yuck” scenes in the movie. The film certainly gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “face mask”. If you haven’t seen this classic horror, why not? (Reviewed Here).

So there are my four choices, I hope you enjoy them, check out the reviews and remember to visit others’ blogs.