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Good morning everyone! Sunday is here again and I can’t believe we are half way through February already. It’ll soon be Christmas again at this rate.

Well as you would expect, I worked my day off yet again this week. I think I now haven’t taken my day off through the week since about mid November last year, lol. Seems ridiculous doesn’t it, but if they keep asking, I’m not going to turn down a day’s pay that’s easily earned. Plus, it helps with the bills.

Off to ASDA again soon, pick up a few things and when we get back, I think its time the fish had their tank cleaned out. Its been a while since I last did it, but now that it no longer sits in the window the algae build up has been extremely slow this time around, making it much less of a chore to look after them.

The big news of the week though is that having accepted Xander’s nursery placement at Kittybrewster Primary School, they phoned to offer him a test day this coming Thursday! Very fast, I really didn’t expect it to come around like this, but what seems like 5 minutes since we took him home from the hospital, he is already going to nursery school! Phew, that didn’t take long did it? I think he’s looking forward to it and if he enjoys the test day, then I think he’ll be starting properly the following week. So he’s getting in early, basically a half-year early and once the current crop of kids move up to Primary 1, then Xander should be able to switch to a morning slot no problem which is great.

Here at Smurfin’ The Web, I have been continuing my Oscar series of blogs with a review of the movie Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close which I thought was magnificent so check out the review here. I have also made a small video to promote my participation in the A-Z Blog Challenge which starts in April. Basically for each day of April, I will be blogging about a particular subject, but each day will feature a post that starts with a different letter of the alphabet, so April 1st will be “A”, the 2nd “B” etc etc. It will be fun and will hopefully generate some traffic through my blog and I might find something I like from someone else aswell. Here is the video…

Well, I guess I should be getting going and finish getting dressed ready for the shops. I’d also like to wish one of our mum friends Jaye Donald a happy birthday for today. I know she reads this blog and I hope that your boys give you a great day today. Enjoy your Sunday folks, Look out for more from me through the week. Thanks for reading.