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Its my turn this week and following my son getting his inoculations this week ready for pre-school later in the year, I figured that films revolving around the use of needles or injections would be quite apt, so this week I ask you to “Stick Me!

There have been many films made using this subject matter over the years in both present day fiction, true life stories and even science fiction, so let’s have your choices and leave them below in the comments. Remember to check others’ blogs and spread the fun, thanks.

Firstly from me is a film that I feel is often underrated by a lot of people, both critics and movie fans alike. In a lot of ways I found it a better in terms of action that the Matrix movies. I am talking about the film Equilibrium. Starring Christian Bale, this movie centres around a Fascist system where feelings are illegal and in order to function as per the laws of the society called Libria its citizens are forced to inject a drug called Prozium which inhibits emotion. I just loved the basis of this and the action sequences are great, especially the hand to hand combat. If you haven’t seen it, go and get it.

Secondly, I propose Trainspotting. Not one of my favourite movies I must admit, but it shows the path of destruction that injecting heroine can leave in its wake and what people will do in order to get their next fix of the drug. I saw it when it came out way back in 1996 and to be honest, I’ve never seen it since. It is based upon the Irvine Welsh novel from 3 years earlier and it was a massive hit and many of its stars have developed big careers from its success.

Lastly, I will add Puncture to my list. A film that came out just last year starring Chris Evans as an injury lawyer who takes on a big civil case against hospital suppliers that are preventing the purchase of needles by hospitals that prevent accidental injection and are clean, safe and easily disposed of. You can read my review of it here so I won’t into much more detail regarding it in this post, save to say that Evans’ character has his own demons involving needles to deal with.

So let the fun begin, I know there have been many more films in this area, so get cracking folks. Cheers!