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Time for a spot of lunch while I write. Hello everyone again. Another long week has passed and I’m starting to feel a little better. The ulcers on my tongue are disappearing thankfully and eating is now an easier task. I still have a bit of a sore throat though, but much easier to actually swallow my food now without it feeling like I’m eating a mitre saw.

Xander had his 3 and a half year check at the doctors this week. This was for his MMR booster injection and also another one that has loads of things in it. He was very brave and managed to get himself a nice prize of a new truck out of it, so not all bad. The health visitor also remarked that he was one of the most advanced speakers she’d heard for someone of his age. Something which we already knew but its nice for it to be mentioned, he does never shut up, lol. I am very proud of his vocabulary and his usage of language and I think it may be a subject he excels in at school when he goes.

Speaking of which, after applying to his pre-school nurseries, we have received an offer from our third choice and we are on waiting lists for the other two. Unfortunately it is an afternoon slot which I am not so keen on. I would rather he went in the morning when he is more alert and ready to get up and go, but we shall see what happens, we still have a couple of days in which to decide yet.

Our new sofas have arrived! Nice and simple, charcoal in colour and this time fabric rather than leather. The go very nicely with the new room decoration and once we have completed the couple of things we still need to I shall post up pictures of how it is all looking. I’m very pleased with how it has turned out and I shall get onto the hallway soon. I have been working my days off and just haven’t been bothered during the evenings lately, but I’ll get there.

I shall be returning with a new Oscar blog later tonight when The Iron Lady gets the Smurfin’ The Web treatment. It is another film I have been looking forward to seeing as most of you know I am a big fan of political dramas, so this should be a nice big helping of that. Monday also brings you a Moveie Meme from me this week so hopefully you will have a look and take part.

Lastly, I shall mention a blog experience that I shall be participating in this year for the first time, The A-Z Challenge. During the month of April, I shall be blogging everyday on any subject, but each day the subject will begin with the appropriate letter of the alphabet, so April 1st will be “A”, the 2nd with be “B” and so on. It should be a fun thing to try out and might generate some good traffic through the blogs aswell. As of today, 495 blogs have signed up to take part. Thanks to Arlee Bird of Tossing It Out for organising this along with his team. Sign up for this here.