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After watching Immortals recently I decided to check out some more of director Tarsem Singh’s work. I didn’t realise that it was he who had directed the Jennifer Lopez movie The Cell way back in 2000 (which I will have to watch again) but it was the movie The Fall that caught my eye.

Made in 2006, the movie focusses on the relationship between a small girl called Alexandria (Catinca Untaru) who is in hospital with a broken arm, and a movie stunt man named Roy (Lee Pace) with a suicide obsession who has spinal issues after an accident on set. Roy begins to tell his new friend a fantastical story in order to gain favour with the child who has the means and opportunity to obtain a bottle of morphine for him so that he can end his life. Circumstances will take a slightly different turn as the lines between fantasy and reality being to blur…

I had enjoyed the trailer and it was enough for me to obtain the movie and watch it. I have to say that the first thing that strikes you here are the visuals. There are little in the way of special effects, all sets are on location and cleverly filmed, particularly between scenes. The look of the movie is more like The Cell, but you can definitely see some of Immortals in there aswell and it seems that Tarsem has a distinct style. He has just completed his next movie, Mirror, Mirror – The Untold Adventures Of Snow White, which again looks good from the trailer.

The writing is good aswell, and its an enjoyable story that Roy tells to Alexandria and you also want to know how the story ends. The star of the show here of course is Catinca Untaru. In this, her first movie, her performance is incredible, especially with the emotional scenes, but she has that cute cheeky look that makes the character work very well.

The film didn’t do too well as far as awards go, probably due to a big lack in publicity more than anything else and also did not make much money back. It would be interesting to see how much was spent making it as the sets and locations are stunning and it certainly looks more expensive than it probably was. I would give this movie a good 7/10 and think that any fans of fantasy movies like Pan’s Labyrinth and The Cell will also enjoy The Fall. Check out the trailer and The Domestic Goddess‘ review of the same film.