A very nice piece about the BBC Sherlock and its big screen counterpart. I’m glad you have taken the side of Cumberbatch in the end, I really do agree with you that he is the better version.

Eat, Sleep, Television

I’m sure you’ve noticed, just as I have, that Sherlock Holmes is a very, very popular character right now. The films with Robert Downey Jr. The popular TV show on the BBC. Even CBS is trying its hand in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle game, having ordered a pilot for a series called Elementary- a modern-day update of the Sherlock Holmes character (there aren’t many more details about Elementary, so as of now none of us have any idea how it’ll differentiate from the modern-day Sherlock already airing on the BBC).

Holmes is everywhere. And I’d venture to say that this abundance of Holmes is a good thing.

Why, you ask?

Well, it’s simple, really. With numerous Sherlock Holmes adaptations, we get the same character portrayed in different styles, with different actors in altogether different works.

And that allows me to write this article comparing them. So, in a way, we all…

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