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Time for another movie review as part of my Oscars series of blogs. This post also doubles up as my Cinema Saturday blog.

I really am getting through these at a rate of knots now huh? After the so so movies experience of Drive, I figured I would check out one of the movies that has been nominated for the Best Picture category. It also stars one of the actors up for the Best Actor award, George Clooney. Its The Descendants.

Clooney plays Matt King, a wealthy land owner on one of the islands of Hawaii. This land has been part of a trust for generations of which now King now has all control, but must make a decision on its future along with his cousins as to it fate. A big sale deal is on the table and could make a lot of people very rich. While dealing with this, Matt has to also oversee his family situation which is in a complete mess after his wife suffers a boating accident and is in a coma and on life support. This busy father has to also try to figure out his two daughters in the process and understand them more whilst in the midst of all this turmoil in this story that is both funny and yet tragic.

I have to say that like War Horse, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. It’s not my usual cup of tea at all. It’s definitely a movie that tugs at the heart-strings in a lot of places, but there are some great comedy moments interspersed throughout that take the edge off nicely and Clooney does this brilliantly. One character in particular, Sid, played here by Nick Krause, delivers some of the best lines in the film and it is moments like these that make the movie very enjoyable to watch, even though basically its a pretty depressing film otherwise.

The supporting cast is also excellent and the portayal of the two daughters Alex and Scottie by Shailene Woodley and Amara Miller were great, especially Shailene who picked up a Golden Globe nominatin for Best Supporting Actress this year. Nothing in the Oscars for her, but she is definitely one to watch in the coming years. Also appearing are Beau Bridges, Matthew Lillard and Judy Greer.

Mr. Clooney is up for Best Actor here and I think he thoroughly deserves his nomination. A really great performance in a genre that he is getting so good at, but hey, he’s pretty good at everything he turns his hand to these days. Once an actor that played similar roles – Three Kings and From Dusk Till Dawn as two examples, he has really branched out into more versatile roles and the likes of this movie and The Ides Of March last year have really made an impression on me as a fan of movies.

The Descendants could well take home both of the top prizes at this years awards just as it did in the Golden Globes earlier in the year and to be honest, it woud deserve them both. I have to be give this film a worthy 8.5/10 and reccommend it. Don’t forget your tissues though 😉 Check the trailer out below and give it a chance just as I did.