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A couple of transfer rumours to start us off today. It looks as though Chelsea are going to wrap up the signing of Genk midfielder Kevin de Bruyne this week in an £8M deal. He is another talented young player and will join the likes of Lukaku, Sturridge, Romeu, Cahill, Luiz and Mata in the new look team for the future that is beginning to shape up nicely. We are also led to believe that Shakhtar midfielder Willian from Brazil could also be on his way, but we need to pay a little more than the £16.7 already rumoured to have been offered. Chelsea will not however be paying the £83M asking price for Porto striker Hulk. A good thing to I say, we have already spent too much on the likes of Torres who still fails to find the net after 17 matches. I’d also like to see Giovani dos Santos join us aswell, but it seems he is off back to Spain with teams like Villarreal in the hunt for his signature.

So what of the other clubs? Well Manchester City have offloaded defender Nedum Onuoha to QPR for an undisclosed fee, meaning “on the cheap”. He should do well for them, but I think he could have done better than QPR to be honest. Theo Walcott will be an interesting player to keep an eye on over the next few weeks, it is unclear if he is to be offered a new deal at the moment. Personally, I think he has some talent, but has not developed the way Wenger had hoped he would. Yes, he’s fast and can have a go at defenders, but beyond that he’s clueless. So often he gets into that space between full back and byline and then just doesn’t know what to do with the ball. His crossing is poor and he is clearly unsuited to the wide player role.

Anyway, moving onto what I mentioned we would discuss this week, Terraced sections for standing fans to be brought back into stadiums. Good or bad? Of course one fo the main reasons we have all seater stadia now is because the tragedy at Hillsborough. Of course, we all know that it happened due to the overcrowding in the stand after the police let too many fans into the section. This is now undisputed. It’s easy to press that panic button and say that standing sections will cause this again, but I have now doubt that if procedure had been followed correctly and the allowed number of fans had actually been in the stand, it would never have happened.

I would like to see some standing sections at ground for top flight football. The SPL has already decided that it is in favour of allowing it and the German Bundesliga have had these sections at their team’s grounds for years without accident to my knowledge. There are many designs that can be used. Lets face it, I don’t think there are many that enjoy going to a match and sitting. You want to be up and cheering your team blah blah, it doesn’t lead to much of an atmosphere and many just stand anyway giving problems for stewarding and police alike. If you have standing sections, then that problem is removed.

Is the memory of Hillsborough still too painful for standing sections not to be even considered in England? or is it time we buried the past and tried to move on and bring something back to the game of football other than over protectiveness health and safety. I think that ticket prices could easily be reduced if these sections were allowed back into top flight football and atmosphere could then be restored. Time will tell if the new Scottish model will be a success, but Germany seem to have a very good compromise between seating and standing, perhaps its an example to follow across the rest of Europe. Feel free to discuss in the comments box below =)