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Welcome back to another Oscars blog here at Smurfin’ The Web. There has been a lot of hype over the past few months about a certain film. It has done well across the award nomination circuit, but today we are talking about one of the movies that has been snubbed at The Academy Awards, that movie is Drive.

Ryan Gosling stars as a talented driver who, after a heist gone wrong has to try to put things right and keep his new friend Irene (Carey Mulligan) and her son out of harm’s way in the process.

Ok, where do I start. the premise here is nothing new. I can see some points where the film is good. It certainly keeps you interested and the story is good, although like I say, nothing new – the plot is similar to Gone In 60 Seconds for example, it’s just executed with more oomph and less Cage cheese. The acting is excellent and Gosling puts in a really good performance and it is interesting that he has been omitted from the Best Actor category, although I would have given him the nomination for The Ides Of March instead.

What I have an issue with is why everyone is lauding Albert Brooks in the supporting actor role. There seems to be some outcry that he hasn’t been given a nomination. The guy has around 20 minutes maximum of screen time. Yes he uses that time well, but in all honesty, the likes of James Caan, or even Gene Hackman would have done an equally good job, so the outcry is lost on me.

I enjoyed the movie, but it’s not all that. It has however been nominated for a nothing category – Sound Editing – so no great shakes there, I won’t hold my breath for the outcome of that one, but other than that I think it could have been included in the Best Film section like it has in the BAFTAS and that would be about it. It is a slow-moving film, but interesting enough to keep you watching to the end. I give it a decent 7/10 and here is the trailer.