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The Ghost Writer, or The Ghost as it is also known as caught my eye a while back and then I forgot all about it until my wife mentioned that she would like to see it. That reminded me and we watched it the other night. I like a mystery movie and this appeared to fit into that category after reading a little into the story.

The plot follows a ghost writer who is recruited by a former British Prime Minister to re-work his memoirs following the untimely death of his previous “ghost”. Initially, the new ghost (who doesn’t actually get a name in the movie but is played by Ewen McGregor) has reservations about taking on the project, but soon gets into the swing of things until he makes some discoveries that lead him to investigate further into some of the dealings former prime minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan) took part in during his reign as head of the British government.

The story is interesting enough, but I found that in the end it was pretty thin on the ground and didn’t really lead anywhere. The end scene was nicely done and gives soe sense of closure, but you wonder “what was the point of all that then?”. I think it is typical Roman Polanski in terms of direction and he doesn’t really bring anything new to the table here that anyone else could have. Without the need for special effects, it’s all down to the casting here and Kim Cattrall as Lang’s personal assistant Amelia Bly was a good bit of casting. Her English accent is very good and she plays her part pretty well.

However, it’s all in vain really as the rest of the movie is let down by some average writing, ironically enough considering its a film about a writer, and because of this I can only give it an equally average 5/10. Not a great one considering some of the movies I have seen recently, but it actually did quite well at the box office surprisingly enough, so I guess that Ewen McGregor can still put bums on seats, even if his own English accent cannot… here is the trailer. Also, please have a read of The Domestic Goddess’ review of the same movie for a second opinion =)