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Time for another Tuesday Tunes I think. Each week I will post up a new subject involving music and all you have to do is post a comment in my blog or if you have your own blog, link back to my blog. I hope you enjoy it and join in. Leave your choices in the comments box below, thanks.

What An Entrance!

So I was thinking, if you were a boxer, or a wrestler or something like that, what music would you enter the arena to? Something funny? or rocking? or what? Lets hear your choices.

Personally, I think it’d have to be something pretty heavy with a good beat and a lot of guitar. I mean the options are endless here. Let’s say you are the old Gladiator, Wolf – remember him? He could have this tune…some heavy drums building up and guitars, pyros going off and then this kicks in…

I know pretty ridiculous, but it would fit the kind of character he was. If I was a wrestler, I’d probably have a name like The Sandman or something like that ‘cos I would put my opponents to sleep! :laughs: Anyway, here is what I would probably enter the arena to – Metallica’sEnter Sandman

So what do you reckon? What would be your choice, let us know in the comments box below. I hope to read some of your selections. Join in =)