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A busy week indeed here. Operation Interior Decoration is part complete. Well the living is rejuvenated at least. Only a new TV unit needed and our sofas are on their way, so I shall post up some final photos of the room when they get here.

My first attempt at laying laminate flooring was pretty successful to be honest with only the first couple of rows causing some small problems I was soon in a fast pace and it all went together nicely. Kell was surprised when I called her to tell her I’d laid a third of it already and I was just laying the final piece when she and Xander returned from their day out in town.

So last week I showed you pictures of what the walls were looking like after the painting phase. I decided in the end to lift the carpet and lay the laminate on the floorboards. Now you may ask – “why not just sand the floorboards?” Well, that is what I originally did when we moved in here in 2005, but the gaps between the boards were just too big in places rather than the boards being flush to each other which would have been nicer. Hence why laminate is our new choice. Here are some before and after shots for you…

A huge difference I think you’ll agree. The next phase is the hallway. I have started it and hope to do more today while Xander and Kell are at a birthday party for one of Xander’s friends, Anderson, who is having his 3rd birthday party today. Happy Birthday to him, a very nice boy who has a great mum and dad. Its nice to see parents who take such an active role in their child’s upbringing.

Speaking of which, Xander had a playdate with some new friends this week. My workmate David Fowlie brought his daughter Amber and son Max over to play and a good time was had. It was a nice change of scenery for his kids and someone new for Xander to play with. We shall have to get together again and hopefully Dave’s fiancée Mel will be able to join next time.

We are just chilling out at the moment and enjoying a nice quiet Sunday morning. Puss In Boots has just been on and he has now gone into his room to play with his new car set that we had got for his Christmas and forgot all about (there’s always one present isn’t there?). He also has more dry nights that not with his newfound skills with a toilet and we are very proud of how he has taken up the challenge.

Have a nice weekend dear readers. I am back to work tomorrow (my day off, lol) but hopefully I will have some hallway pictures for you all next week. Now go on…hit that “LIKE” button —->>>>>