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Its been a while since the last Cinema Saturday and as this movie hasn’t been nominated for any of the big awards ceremonies so far, it is highly unlikely that it will get a look in at The Oscars.

This is probably about right, not every movie can get a seat at the top table and the film I watched last night isn’t quite good enough to be a big hitter. I am of course talking about the movie Anonymous. You should know by now that I like a good drama and if it’s of a mysterious type aswell, then all the better.

This trailer grabbed my attention for a couple of reasons. The story is about the theory that William Shakespeare didn’t write any of the plays that bear his name, but it fact were written by Edward De Vere, The Earl of Oxford. An interesting concept and theory which actually exists amongst others in fact. The movie is set against the backdrop of around the time of Queen Elizabeth’s succession and the struggle for the control of the throne in England after her death. Many did not want the throne to pass to James of Scotland. This provides a side story here in addition to the main conspiracy plotline.

Rhys Ifans plays the part of Oxford here and he does so very well as you would expect. Other actors here include David Thewlis as William Cecil, Queen Elizabeth’s closest advisor and opponent of any creative works that may bring any disrespect to the Crown and were classed as “seditious” and anyone found guilty of this were usually executed. Rafe Spall plays the bumbling William Shakespeare, and although he was quite annoying, I think this was the point, to make you think that he was an idiot and could therefore not have written all those great plays. Vanessa Redgrave plays Queen Elizabeth. She seems to be cropping up in a few films lately.

I liked the movie and it was as good as I had expected it to be. It’s not the best movie ever made, but it is shot very nicely and the moves from the initial narration from Derek Jacobi into the actual story and back again later in the movie are very nicely done. If you are a fan of Shakespeare and fancy a conspiracy theory aswell, then this movie is for you. Its entertaining and although perhaps a little long at 2 hours 15, it will certainly keep you engaged enough not to switch it off and so I give it a nice 7/10. Check out the trailer…